Inspection Request Management System

Tracking inspections, from creating a checklist to ensuring corrective actions are completed, can be overwhelming. With multiple parties involved, it can be challenging to identify what the correct next step should be—and easy for corrective actions, the most critical aspect of an inspection, to fall through the cracks.

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Preview of Inspection Management


Create project and categorize it based on several aspects like start date, end date, status, priority, department and so on! 


On the tasks section you can create and assign the task to anyone with extra features like file attachments and tags 

Request For Inspection

On the basis of inspections on tasks,approvals,projects etc you can create the "Request for Inspection" RFI easily

EWall's RFI Features

  • Project Management - Manage all the railway-related projects within a flow
  • Task - Manage multiple tasks based on the priorities 
  • RFI - Request For Inspection with the respective authorities
  • Reports - Get the day-to-day progress reports delivered
  • Blockage -  Get to Know which department is responsible for the progress blockage and manage the blockage 
  • Document - Manage all the official and commercial documents required for the project/task

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Get a detailed view of the RFI (Request For Inspection) 

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Inspection Request Management System

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