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Apache Superset Database


All data personas within a company can be supported by Apache Superset, a cutting-edge, open-source data exploration & visualization platform. Users of all skill levels can easily explore and visualize their data using Superset, which is quick, lightweight, intuitive, and packed with options for everything from basic line charts to incredibly comprehensive geographical maps.

Modern architecture and features

Superset leverages the power of your current data infrastructure without the need for an additional ingestion layer because it is small and highly scalable.

Great visualizations & dashboards

Superset comes pre-loaded with a huge selection of stunning visualizations. Building unique visuals that drop into Superset is simple thanks to our visualization plug-in architecture.

Powerful yet easy to use

Utilize their straightforward no-code viz builder or cutting-edge SQL IDE to quickly and easily integrate and examine your data.

Integrates with modern database

Through SQLAlchemy, Superset is able to connect to any SQL-based data source, including contemporary cloud-native databases and engines at petabyte size.


Supported Databases

Expertised in Apache Kylin Database
Expertised in Amazon Redshift Database
Expertised in Click House Database
Expertised in Dremio Database
Expertised in Druid database
Expertised in Exasol Database

Firebird Database
Expertised in Google Big Query Databases
Expertised in Greenplum Database
Expertised in Hologres Database
monet database
Expertised in Microsoft SQL Server Database

Expertised in MySQL Database
Expertise in Netezza Database
Expertised in Oracle Database
Expertised in Presto Database
Rockset Database
Snowflake database

Experrtised in SQLite Database
Trino database
Expertised in Vertica Database
Yugabyte Database
Postgre SQL

IBM Database

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